Appointment disclosure: All appointment/design submission are Final and cannot be changed unless otherwise previously discussed. This ensures I am taking on projects that are pushing my portfolio for me as well and doing design I feel I am going to be doing the best tattoo for you.

My hourly rate is currently $150 an hour and is subject to change. Depending on actual cost of supplies, availability of supplies and demand.

Please copy and paste this form and send me a email directly to


Are you 18 or older?

Phone Number?


What area of your body? (and approx size in inches or give an example like size of a soft ball)

What is your general tattoo idea/theme?(Please give a brief description about the design your wanting keep it to the tattoo your wanting to start.)

What days of the week are you free to get tattooed?  (Tuesday thru Friday) I only work 2 Saturdays a month so they are very limited.

What’s a good time to call/text/email you?