When will I see my design/drawing for my upcoming appointment?

Please know all drawings/designs are done 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment this ensures I only draw once as I’m normally 6+ months scheduled out at a time and people’s minds change frequently on their designs/ideas by the time the scheduled appointment approaches. If you have any questions you would like answered please feel free to ask me. 

How far are you scheduled out? 

I am normally 6-10 months scheduled out at a time. Be sure to follow my social medias for special availability or last minute cancellations

Do you have a cancellation list?

I do not have a cancellation list. I post all last minute cancellations/availability on my social medias follow them to ensure you’re staying up to date on everything. 

Can I bring friends to my appointment with me?

You are okay to bring one person with you to your appointment. (Please do not bring more than that unless everyone is getting tattooed.) 

Can I bring my child? 

We have a Shop policy of NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. This ensures the safety of you and your child we do not want them getting into things as we are not child proof establishment. Also we don’t want them being a distraction to you during your tattoo. 

What should I know before my appointment?

Be well rested and do not drink the night before your appointment 

Eat a meal prior to your appointment.

Drink lots of water and stay hydrated prior to your appointment

Bring a snack and a drink with you to your appointment you will most likely need it as we will be their for a few+ hours

Shower before your appointment 

Don’t come in drunk or high.

Don’t apply any numbing ointments, lotion/topicals to the area being tattooed before your appointment.

We will always shave the area being tattooed the day off. There is no need to shave beforehand. You may cause irritation or razor burn.

Do not get sunburned prior to your appointment as it has to be healed skin in order to tattoo.

How should I tip?

Tips are always appreciated but they are never expected.